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Armenian (East & West accents)

Maruti Multilingual is the leading Armenian voice over company in terms of voice over requests received realized and fulfilled in a month. Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian are the two dialects of Armenian language. Eastern Armenian is the standard Armenian spoken in the Republic of Armenia and Western Armenian is used by the Armenian diaspora outside Armenia. Armenian voice over services are mainly provided from capital Yerevan, however it’s bit hard to find Western Armenian voice talents in Armenia. Iran and Turkey have a few Armenian voice over providers. We have Armenian voice over talents that speak Eastern as well as Western Armenian dialects.

Maruti Multilingual has a broad range of Eastern and Western Armenian voices suitable for any genre, be it elearning, IVR, commercials, documentary, video animation, presentations etc.

Armenian Voice Over Work Gallery

Voice of the Month

Arezo Amiri is an Afghan professional female dubbing and voice over talent based in Kabul, Afghanistan. She has a professional working background in dubbing, voice over, and TV stations in Afghanistan since 2010. She has grown up in Iran and so she speaks pure and standard Dari, Pashto and Farsi languages. She has recorded hundreds of TV commercials, narrations and radio spots. She was a radio presenter for a women radio program for 2 years in the past.
Voice quality: middle pitch young, fresh, smooth and dynamic voice with clear unambiguous diction.


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