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The voice behind the brand

With an array of versatile multilingual premium voices ranging from corporate announcers to character voice talents, we have the voice of your choice for your brand to go global. We have lent our voices to several global brands. Let your products and services speak in our voice and enable them to enjoy unique recognition.

We specialize in professionally serving hard-to-handle languages such as Hindi, Bangla, Sinhala, Burmese, Nepali, Dzongkha, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Mongolian, Lao, Khmer, Dari, Pashto, Hazaragi, Maltese, Albanian, Armenian, Azeri, Kazakh, Georgian, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Tatar, Kurdish Kurmanji and Kurdish Sorani, Afrikaans, Amharic, Lingala, Somali, Tigrinya and Zulu and many more.

Voice-over workflow

  • Script review
  • Scheduling of studio sessions and voice-over recordings
  • Editing
  • Review by in-country reviewer
  • Reconciliation by voice-over talent
  • Delivery of finished audio to customer

Today, the most ubiquitous young Thai female voice in different media in Thailand, Jaakaval is called the ventriloquist with rich and varied tone, who has a love for voice, who is a sound lesson for everybody with her fresh, pleasant, sweet & happy voice. Over 100 operators use her voice for automated systems in Thailand. Several leading brands in Thailand are given voice by Jaakaval.
Jaakaval, the announcer, has the ability to put emotion in voice dramatically to make the read more interesting for the customer. Whether the narrator’s tone is informal, yet it is credible and reliable. She has enough experience of working across the spectrum of genre, be it radio or TV spot, documentary narration, video games, presentations, animated cartoon voice overs, dubbing of movies and series and IVR voice overs.

Sara is a young adult female bilingual voice actor from Iran. She has been performing as a radio announcer, dubbing manager, dubber and narrator since 2004. She also does voice coaching and voice training for amateur artists. She is a member of Iran's Association of Voice Artists and Dubbing Managers.
With warm, original and fresh voice she has given voice to almost all types of genres from elearning to corporate films to animations to IVRs and commercials. Sara is a perfect Farsi voice talent when it comes to lip syncing and dubbing of films as she can also help you adapt scripts well to films. Her deliveries are always on time with no scope for re-recording. All these attributes make Sara the most sought after Persian voice over artist among our roster of Iranian voices.

A professional bilingual versatile voice over talent, Tania is a TV anchor as well as radio presenter for a local radio in Pakistan. She works for range of clients from Pakistan for recording commercials, radio spots, IVRs, documentaries and elearning material.
The girl next door with bright and breezy voice, she is quick to respond, normally available and delivers on time. Her voice could be acceptable to any script genre.

Phuong is a professional full time Vietnamese voice over talent speaking North Vietnamese accent. Her voice is basically authoritative with shades of alluring, suggestive vibrant tones.
She can record narratives as well as commercials & telephone messages. The freshness in her voice is glaringly noticeable. She can deliver audio within hours with best audio quality. We have recorded with her several elearning programs as well as commercials since 2008. With quick response and positive attitude, she never lets us down.

With a warm, pleasant and engaging voice, Suhani is our dedicated and regular voice over actor in Malay. Her modulation is impeccable. We have mostly recorded lengthy elearning programs with Suhani. Her voice is suitable for elearning, IVR, audiobook and presentations. She has never failed us on deliveries and we don’t remember any instance when we had to re-record with Suhani because of any errors or omissions in reading. She always does a perfect job.

Voice of the Month

Age Bracket:
Middle-aged Adult (late 30s)
Voice Characteristics:
Versatile Khmer voice over actor with background in dubbing for movies and TV series, Thavuth can give voice to young and old ladies as well as for kids. She has got soft and sexy voice that is more suitable for commercial brands, trailers and promos.
Work Experience:
Lot many brands in Cambodia like Vaseline, Citra, VISO, PH Care use her voice. Thavuth works for TV5 Station for dubbing series and her voice is known throughout Cambodia.


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  • 100+ languages & 2,000+ voices
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  • Delivery within hours
  • Very reasonable prices
  • Responsible, committed, dedicated and trustworthy

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